These are the requirements for recertification that have been set down by the ABCP.

Starting Date:

Data collection will start from January 1st 2005. The reporting period ends on 31st December 2007, the final year of the recertification cycle. Recertification reports must be submitted to the ABCP by 31st March, otherwise a late fee will be charged.


When do you recertify?

The period of each recertification cycle will be 3 years. The ABCP will notify all certified perfusionists when their recertification reports are due. In December 2001 all Australasian Board certified Perfusionists will be contacted to be told when their recertification cycle will begin and end. They will be sent recertification information in October of their reporting year. Recertification information will also be available on the ABCP website. At this stage there are no plans for electronic lodgement of recertification reports.

Recertification Fees

Members $75.00
Non-Members $125.00
Fee (Applicable to both Members and Non-Members)  $125.00

A recertification certificate will not be issued if candidate has not paid the appropriate fees.

1) Clinical Activity Points:  150 points over 3 years

Core Perfusion Activities Minimum 40 points / year
Cases:  Primary Perfusionist 1 point each
Cases:  Supervising trainee (Sitting with trainee in OR) 1 point each
Non Core Perfusion Activities Maximum 10 points / year
standby 1 point each
Cell Washer 1 point each
IABP, VAD, ECMO,ECLS (Establishment Of Support) 1 point each

2) Non-Clinical Activity  (30 points over 3 years)

Attendance of  Meetings:
a) In house seminar, workshop.  2 points
Local workshop. 5 points
National/International conference 10 points
Presentations at Meetings:
at either (a) or (b) 5 points
at National/International Meeting 15 points
at National / International meeting 10 points
Published abstracts 5 points
letters 2 points
Journal without an editorial policy 5 points
Journal with editorial policy 15 points
Chapter in Perfusion related book 15 points
Trainee Related;
Lectures 1 pt/session
Turorials 1 pt/session
Marking ABCP Module Examinations, 1 pt/session
to Journal 5 points/subscription
Journal Club Attendance 2 points per meeting
Journal Club Presentation 2 points per meeting
Enrolment in a professionally relevant University Course 10 points

Insufficient points for recertification:

 If a candidate believes they have insufficient points for recertification, they should contact the secretary of the ABCP before the recertification deadline.

Long Service Leave & Maternity Leave:

Candidates who take long service or maternity leave will have their recertification requirements reduced on a pro rata basis. They should contact the ABCP secretary, before the certification deadline.

Auditing of Recertification Reports:

A number of candidates will be selected at random to have their submissions audited.

Candidates who are to be audited will be contacted by the Board to arrange a time for the audit process.

At the audit the onus is on the candidate to provide evidence supporting their submission.

The ABCP appointed auditor may come form the same state or territory as the candidate being audited. An auditor from another statemay be provided if the candidate being audited requests this.

The request for an out of state auditor must be submitted in writing to the secretary of the board within 28 days of notification of audit.