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This page is monitored by senior perfusionists who will get back to you as soon as they're off bypass - usually within 5 days.

Recently Asked Questions
Question - I am a perfusionist working in a country other than Australia or New Zealand. Can I sit the College Couse exams and get the ANZCP certification?
Question - What is the relationship between the ANZCP and the Australasian Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion (ABCP)?
Question - I have a Science degree (B.Sc.) but do not currently have a job as a perfusionist. Can I enrol in the course?
Question - I am a perfusionist in a hospital not accredited to run the SCiCP. How can I start my SCiCP in my hospital?
Question - I would like to work in Australia or New Zealand as a locum. Do I need ABCP certification to work here?
Question - Can the ABCP help me to find work here?
Question - Is my foreign certification transferrable to ABCP certification?
Question - Can I do the ANZCP Autotransfusion Course in my home state?
Question - What is the workload associated with the Autotransfusion Course?
Question - When is the intake for the next ANZCP Autotransfusion Course?
Question - How do I apply for the course?
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