Clarke Thuys

Clarke Thuys - Melbourne

ABCP Chair + Course Coordinator

I started my perfusion career as a trainee in 1991 at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. After graduating from Swinburne, with a degree in Biophysics and Instrumental Science in 1983, I spent a short time doing clinical research in pulmonary function followed by research in neurocognitive function.

After a year of overseas travel in 1986 I joined a local equipment manufacturer doing everything from sales to technical support and repairs. It was here that I was first exposed to the cardiac operating theatre and I was fascinated by what went on. I knew then that I really wanted to have a career with a clinical aspect. By chance (and most of us did not really plan to become perfusionists – it just happened), I was accepted as trainee at RCH and have not moved. I gained certification in 1993 via the examination process. I was caught between the Grandfathering and the introduction of an ABCP course. In a career of 30+ years I have only pumped for 1 CAG case.

I have had an interest in Perfusion Education since becoming a Board member in 2003. I have run the Board course since then, apart from the stint when the course was at Swinburne University when I developed and ran the paediatric perfusion subject. Away from work when I was younger I umpired Amateur Australian Rules football and recently retired from being a Scout Leader in my local Scout Group. I still snow ski and surf.