Course Accreditation

Course Accreditation

The ANZCP has implemented Course Accreditation Standards which define the ANZCP’s requirements of a higher education provider’s course of study, and of the higher education provider, in order for the education provider to demonstrate that graduates of the education provider’s course will have the knowledge, skills and professional attributes needed to practise as a Clinical Perfusionist in Australia and New Zealand.

Course accreditation is used by the ANZCP as part of a broader suite of requirements for establishing competency of Clinical Perfusionists, including an examination and a traineeship (see the Certification Policy for details).

Accredited courses

No courses are currently accredited by the ANZCP.

Recognition of overseas courses

An education provider must be registered with the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Authority (TEQSA) in order to be eligible to apply to the ANZCP for accreditation of their course (Criteria 2.1 of the Course Accreditation Standards).

The ANZCP has recognised the Medical University of South Carolina’s Master of Science in Extracorporeal Science as providing a firm academic basis for competency to practice as a Clinical Perfusionist in Australia and New Zealand. This course is not eligible to be considered for accreditation by the ANZCP, as MUSC is not a TEQSA-registered education provider.

For further information, visit MUSC Information.

How are courses accredited?

The Australian and New Zealand Board of Perfusion (ANZBP), established under Rule 80 of the Rules of The Australian and New Zealand College of Perfusionists Incorporated, coordinates the course accreditation process.

The ANZBP engages an expert accreditation team to support assessment of applications for accreditation, using a desktop review, the education provider’s self-evaluation of their compliance with the Course Accreditation Standards, site visits and discussions with students, staff, work integrated learning supervisors and graduates and employers. See “How are courses assessed and monitored” in the Course Accreditation Standards.

The ANZBP is the education board of the ANZCP, and sits independently of the ANZCP Executive Committee (ANZCP Governance structure here). The ANZBP makes the initial decision on accreditation.   The ANZBP’s Terms of Reference are available here or via the College Documents repository. 

The Executive Committee generally ratifies a decision of the ANZBP on course accreditation, unless there has been a departure from the required accreditation process.

Information for education providers

An education provider which wishes to apply for accreditation of its course by the ANZCP should first read and conduct a self-assessment against the requirements of the Course Accreditation Standards. If the education provider believes that they are eligible to apply, and their course meets the Course Accreditation Standards, they should contact the ANZBP for further information at