How to Qualify as a Perfusionist

In order to practise, perfusionists must meet the following requirements:

A Suitable Degree from Australia or New Zealand

Have successfully completed a suitable Bachelor’s Degree in an appropriate discipline ie. Science, Applied Science, BioMedical Science, Nursing etc.

It is relevant, but not mandatory, to have studied or majored in subjects related to perfusion science such as physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, medical science, anatomy and like subjects.

For Foreign Tertiary or University qualifications – click here

Complete ABCP Training Course

Successfully complete the ABCP training course in perfusion theory and practice, the Structured Course in Clinical Perfusion (SCiCP).

This requires first gaining employment as a Perfusionist or Perfusionist Trainee. Following a minimum of three months employment, one may then undertake the Structured Course in Clinical Perfusion which consists of 12 standardised modules (including a research project). This course is undertaken whilst employed and is vocational training via distance education. It is expected to take between two to three years to complete whilst employed.

Successfully Complete ABCP Examination

Successfully complete the ABCP examination to receive the Certificate of Clinical Perfusion awarded by the Australasian Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion.

Complete Continuing Professional Development Requirements

Subsequently, complete the mandated Continuing Professional Development requirements and continuously meet the Profession’s ethical and standards requirements

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