ANZBP Certification

In order to gain practicing certification, the candidate must be deemed suitable to work in an unsupervised manner by their training hospital. Students are then required to present to the Australian and New Zealand Board of Perfusion (ANZBP) to sit the Board entrance exams. Pre-requisite entry for this examination requires:

  • Completion of the MUSC Course.
  • Presentation of a log book detailing the completion of 200 cases.
  • Hospital / Supervisor sign off.

The exam format consists of:

  • Short answer essay questions (3 Hours)
  • Multiple choice questions (2 Hours)
  • An oral examination (50 minutes)

It is a requirement that all students currently undergoing a traineeship within a hospital and who intend on presenting to the Board examinations register their student status with the ANZBP. Periodic progress reports will also be required to be submitted following the completion of every 50 cases. These progress reports will need to be signed off by both the student and supervisor and will enable the ANZBP to track student progress and maintain communication with students and supervisors. They are available to download below.

The ANZBP would like notification of all students currently undertaking a training programme within a hospital. Please address this to: The Secretary, ANZBP:  Email: 

 Board Certification Examination
(to be taken after completion of the Masters)

Candidates must be registered with the ANZBP and have submitted their completed assessment and score sheets.

Candidates must send their completed case logbook to the Board for verification prior to exams. The logbook should contain the details of the 200 completed cases.

It is expected that exam fees will be paid prior to the Exam date. If not results may be withheld until payment is made.

The examinations are generally held in late February and September,

The Exam format is:

  • Part 1 10 short answer questions (3 hours)
  • Part 2 120 multiple choice questions (2 hours)
  • Part 3 Oral exam (50 minutes)

The oral exam is conducted by two teams of examiners.

Each team of examiners comprises two members. The candidate will spend 25 minutes with each team, with a ten-minute break in between examinations. Topics include equipment, CPB scenarios, troubleshooting, etc.

N.B The candidate must pass all three parts.

On successful completion of the final exam, the candidate will be awarded the CCP and will be eligible for ANZCP Fellowship.

  • If a candidate fails one or more parts of the exam they may sit those parts at a time suitable to the ANZBP and the candidate
  • The full exam fee will be due for any part or parts of the exams being undertaken.
  • Candidates must have paid the exam fees prior to the sitting date.
  • Candidates will be sent sample questions for all sections of the final exams by the Course Coordinator.

Deferments would need to be arranged directly with MUSC.  If the employment status of a trainee changes, the trainee must notify the Board as soon as possible. The Board will try to formulate a plan suitable to all parties, which will provide minimal disruption to the trainee’s coursework and progress.


Course fees are set by MUSC.

Final Certification Examination fee is currently $500.00 AUD.
This fee will also apply to candidates who are resitting one or all parts of the exam.
It is expected that exam fees will be paid prior to the final examination sitting date. If payment is not made prior to the exams results will be withheld until payment is made.