ANZCP Autotransfusion Course

The Australasian Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion (ABCP) offers a 10 week online lecture-based course, designed to offer health professionals the relevant theoretical knowledge to safely operate and troubleshoot cell salvage devices. The course is open to all, but specifically targeted at anaesthetists, perfusionists, anaesthetic nurses/technicians, perioperative nurses, theatre technicians and nurse educators. We welcome enquiries from anyone wanting to expand their autotransfusion knowledge.

The course covers blood physiology, patient selection, contraindications, operational basics and troubleshooting, with the objective of providing a comprehensive education in safe and effective autotransfusion techniques. Content is delivered entirely online, thus the course is not recommended as a complete resource for the practical operation of autotransfusion devices (some in-hospital training is recommended on your specific device).

Term dates and a registration form can be found in the links below. Please contact the course coordinator if you have any further questions. (

Current course program:

Week 1: Blood Basics
Week 2: Basic Coagulation
Week 3: Donor Blood Components & Products
Week 4: Principles of Blood Conservation
Week 5: Principles of Hemovigilance
Week 6: Cell Salvage Systems
Week 7: Blood Collection
Week 8: Function of Blood Processing Equipment
Week 9: Autologous Platelet Therapy
Week 10: Revision and practice questions
Final Examination

Course Registration
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ANZCP 2020 Autotransfusion Course Flyer

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National Blood Authority – Guidance For The Provision Of Intraoperative Cell Salvage

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Cell-Saving Data

Surgical Procedures where Intraoperative Cell Salvage may be beneficial
Data on average auto-transfused units per case from Brisbane

Autotransfusion Registry

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