Terumo Award

Terumo Award

Since 1990 the Terumo Corporation has committed funds to recognise and encourage the growing professionalism of Australasian perfusionists. This had been in the form of a trip to the Pathophysiology and Techniques of Cardiopulmonary Bypass Symposium held in San Diego USA in February each year. In 1995, the conditions were broadened to allow the recipient to attend any perfusion-related conference in Europe or North America.

Initially awarded for the best paper published in the Society Journal, since 1992 it has recognised the best scientific paper presented by a clinical perfusionist at the ANZCP Annual Scientific Meeting. The winner is decided by a panel of judges (ANZCP full members) who take into account original content, scientific accuracy, conclusions and overall presentation. The award is open to full members of the ANZCP. 

The Terumo Award is in recognition of the best scientific or clinical paper presented by a full ANZCP member.

Congratulations 2023 Recipient

Jessica Betts

"On behalf of Terumo Australia, sincere congratulations to Jessica Betts on her presentation, ‘A pilot study to evaluate the clinical impact of preoperative dialysis in dialysis dependent patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass’."
Tara Davis
Terumo Australia

Award Recipients

2023Jessica BettsFlinders Medical Centre, South Australia
2022Rona SteelWestmead Hospital, New South Wales2021Richard NewlandFlinders Medical Centre, South Australia
2020Charles McDonaldPrince Charles Hospital, Queensland2019Stephen HortonRoyal Children's Hospital, Victoria
2018Charles McDonaldPrince Charles Hospital, Queensland2017Martin BennettRoyal Children's Hospital, Victoria
2016Annette MazzoneFlinders Medical Centre, SA2015Charles McDonaldPrince Charles Hospital, Queensland
2014Ghaz JaburAuckland City Hospital, NZ2013Stephen BottrellRoyal Children's Hospital, Victoria
2012Charles McDonaldPrince Charles Hospital, Queensland2011
2010Charles McDonaldPrince Charles Hospital, Queensland2009Nathan IbbottGreen Lane Hospital, Auckland
2008Stephen HortonRoyal Children's Hospital, Victoria2007Jane OttensAshford Hospital, SA
2006Jane Ottens
Richard Newland
Ashford Hospital SA

Flinders Medical Centre, SA
2005Arthur PrevolosAlfred Hospital, Victoria
2004Robert BakerFlinders Medical Centre, SA2003Robert BakerFlinders Medical Centre, SA
2002Kieron PotgerRoyal North Shore, NSW2001Stephen Horton Royal Children's Hospital, Victoria
2000Tim WillcoxGreen Lane Hospital, Auckland1999Tim WillcoxGreen Lane Hospital, Auckland
1998Peter AngelopoulosRoyal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria1997Tim WillcoxGreen Lane Hospital, Auckland
1996Eve O'ConnorRoyal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria1995Darryl McMIllanRoyal North Shore, NSW
1994Richard MullalyRoyal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria1993Clarke Thuys Royal Children's Hospital, Victoria
1992Stephen Horton Royal Children's Hospital, Victoria1991Andrew FambiotisRoyal Children's Hospital, Victoria