Overseas Trained Perfusionist Policy & Application Portal

To apply for registration as an overseas trained perfusionist the following three-phase pathway must be followed.

Phase 1:

Eligibility Check

Phase 2:

Local Practical Assessment

Phase 3:

ANZBP Certification Exams

Please refer to the OTP policy for specific guidance on requirements for documentation. Incorrect documentation will not be accepted.

Phase 1 - Eligibility Check

Step 1. Prepare Your Documents

A number of documents are required to be uploaded during your application.  You should have these documents ready prior to starting the application process.

Required Documents

  • Certified copy of perfusion certification (CCP) – must be a minimum 36 months post graduate
  • Certified copy of tertiary qualification (AQF 7 or higher)1
  • Certified copy of full academic transcript listing individual units of study
  • Log of minimum 150 CPB cases over the past 3 years (minimum 50 per year)2
  • Certified letter of attestation from overseas certifying body
  • Certified letter of attestation from senior cardiothoracic surgeon at overseas unit
  • Certified letter of attestation from director of perfusion at overseas unit or CV if applicant is the director of perfusion
  • English proficiency certificate (eg IELTS) as described in Annexure A of the OTP policy here
  • Certified copy of passport (ID check)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Optional Documents

  • Headshot Image
  • Copy of other degree(s)

1 Please refer to the OTP policy to determine whether you require an official AQF assessment of your tertiary qualification

2 Case type and conditions as per the CPD Policy. Must not be trainee and non-certified cases. Logbook must be on official hospital documentation.

3 All documents must be on official hospital letterhead, written in English, and dated no greater than 6 months older than the application date

Step 2. Pay the Eligibility Check Fee

Pay the $500 AUD application assessment fee. Note you will need the Order ID of the completed payment during the application form submission.  If you are paying on the applicant’s behalf, please provide the applicant with the Order ID from your receipt.

Step 3. Fill in the Eligibility Check and Upload your Documents

With all your documents ready to upload and your completed Order ID, you are now ready to complete the application form. Once submitted please allow up to 31 days for your eligibility check to be completed.

Phase 2 - Local Practical Assessment

When the applicant has commenced work at an Australian or New Zealand hospital, they are eligible to apply for phase 2, local practical assessment.

Step 1. Prepare Your Documents

Required Documents

  • Logbook of 50 directly supervised cases at an Australian on New Zealand hospital1. Download Logbook Template here.
  • Competency Checklist, signed by director of perfusion and nominated clinical supervisor. Download Competency Checklist Template here.
  • Letter of attestation from senior cardiothoracic surgeon where supervised cases have been performed2
  • Letter of attestation from director of perfusion2

1 Supervision must be by a CCP (ANZ) or OTP (ANZ) only. Must be completed in no less than 3 months, and no more than 12 months from commencement of employment. Supervisor for each case must be named. Logbook must be on official hospital documentation.

2 Letters of attestation must be able to be verified and be on official hospital letterhead. Letters are valid from 6 months of date of application

Step 2. Upload phase 2 documents

Once eligibility check above has been approved, an individual link will be emailed to the applicant directly with further instructions.

Step 3. Payment of ANZBP Certification Exam Fee

Once your eligibility check has been successful you will be emailed details of how to pay for the Exam Fee.  The Exam fee is $1000 AUD.

Phase 3 - ANZBP Certification Exam

When Phase 1 and 2 have been successfully completed, eligibility to register for the next sitting of the ANZBP certification exams will be confirmed. Examination must occur no greater than 12 months after commencing employment in Australia or New Zealand.

The exam consists of Multiple choice, extended responses, and a viva examination. A practice exam will be provided upon request.

The Board will be in contact regarding scheduled dates for the upcoming exams.

If successful, the applicant will be awarded OTP (ANZ) and be able to apply for Fellowship with the Australian and New Zealand College of Perfusionists.

Overseas Trained Perfusionist Recognition Policy
ANZCP Translated Documents Policy