Currently Certified (CCP (ANZ) and OTP)

Clinical Perfusionists have a commitment to excellence in the delivery of healthcare, as such it is important to maintain current relevant clinical practise and to continually update their professional practice, knowledge and skills. The ANZBP recognises the following people as fulfilling their continuous professional development requirements for the purpose of continuing certification as a CCP (ANZ) or gained ANZBP recognised equivalency through the College’s OTP program.

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First NameLast NameState / CountryCertification valid until 30th June 2023
MarkAdamsSouth AustraliaCCP (ANZ) Current
KeithAdkinsNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
GraceAgbulosNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
VinaykumarAlbalVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
AhmedAl OdehWestern Australia OTP Current
MarkAmbroseNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
JamesAndersonVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
ThomasAndersonTasmaniaCCP (ANZ) Current
PeterAngelopoulosVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
Kyriakos Angus-AnagnostouVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
MajidArammaneshNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
PaulArgerakisNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
SusanArnold-BarronNew ZealandOTP Current
SimonAugustinVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
MitchellBagoVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
RobertBakerSouth AustraliaCCP (ANZ) Current
MarcusBaylyNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
MistyBeanNew ZealandOTP Current
PenelopeBedfordVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
RoseBelbinACTCCP (ANZ) Current
MartinBennettVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
JackBhanaNew ZealandCCP (ANZ) Current
DarylBirchlerNew ZealandCCP (ANZ) Current
AmberBlakeyNew ZealandOTP Current
StephenBottrellVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
MoniqueBrouwerNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
Joshua ByrneVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
JamesCampbellVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
JessicaCantrickNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
RowanCarpenterVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
Nicholas CarrTasmaniaCCP (ANZ) Current
Ilaria CattaneoCattaneoVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
GillianChase New ZealandCCP (ANZ) Current
JudithClarkNew ZealandCCP (ANZ) Current
Hugh ColmanVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
JonathanCropperNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
HaydenDandoNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
CraigDe VriesVictoriaOTP Current
AmberDarwinkelVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
AndrewDinaleNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
Madeleine DobierNew ZealandCCP (ANZ) Current
MelissaDonnellanNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
SusanDonovanQueenslandCCP (ANZ) Current
CaseyEdwardsNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
JaneEnnorNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
TarynEvansNew ZealandCCP (ANZ) Current
KuljeetFarrarSouth AustraliaCCP (ANZ) Current
CarmelFentonTasmaniaCCP (ANZ) Current
JohnFitzgeraldNew ZealandOTP Current
PeterFrantzisSouth AustraliaCCP (ANZ) Current
SreenivasuluGalaetiSouth AustraliaCCP (ANZ) Current
NeilGardnerNew ZealandCCP (ANZ) Current
SmitaGavandeVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
NeeshaGhediaNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
MartinGillNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
Gil GiovinazzoItalyCCP (ANZ) Current
CamillaHandNew ZealandCCP (ANZ) Current
Vellimah (Val)HaripershadNew ZealandCCP (ANZ) Current
ColinHawksmithSouth AustraliaCCP (ANZ) Current
AndrewHickmanNew ZealandOTP Current
JamieHobsonVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
KirriHoganVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
JamesHolderNew ZealandOTP Current
GregHorneVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
AlisonHortonVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
StevenHortonVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
NathanIbbottNew ZealandCCP (ANZ) Current
GhazwanJaburNew ZealandCCP (ANZ) Current
JacquelineJacobsNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
JennyJengNew ZealandCCP (ANZ) Current
KellyJohnsonNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
ReagenJoiceQueenslandCCP (ANZ) Current
LibinJoseVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
RaviKapoorVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
RaeKellyWestern AustraliaCCP (ANZ) Current
KateKingsford SmithVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
AndrewLahanasNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
HannahLeaTasmaniaCCP (ANZ) Current
AdrianoLuongoNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
MonicaLuqueQueenslandCCP (ANZ) Current
GovindasamyMaheshkumarQueenslandCCP (ANZ) Current
AnnetteMazzoneSouth AustraliaCCP (ANZ) Current
CharlesMcDonaldQueenslandCCP (ANZ) Current
MichaelMcDonaldVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
JamesMcMillanVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
BelindaMegeeVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
MarkMennenVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
John RussellMillerNew ZealandCCP (ANZ) Current
VitaMinutoli VictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
Ramen (Ray)MirazizNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
LisaMorganVictoriaOTP Current
ChristopherMorleyVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
RichardNewlandSouth AustraliaCCP (ANZ) Current
Kai AnnieNgUnited KingdomCCP (ANZ) Current
PatrickO’NeillVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
KillianO'ShaughnessyNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
MollyOldeenQueensland / USACCP (ANZ) Current
JaneOttensSouth AustraliaCCP (ANZ) Current
PriyankaPatilVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
JonathanPauliVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
VanessaPerafanVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
AlexPetersonNew ZealandOTP Current
AnnaPettleyWestern AustraliaOTP Current
Sudarsana BabuPodarallaSouth AustraliaCCP (ANZ) Current
KieronPotgerNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
TaraPowersNew South WalesOTP Current
ArthurPreovolosVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
StuartPrinceWestern AustraliaCCP (ANZ) Current
JustineProctorWestern AustraliaCCP (ANZ) Current
BernadettePunturereQueenslandCCP (ANZ) Current
L.VincentRajkumarWestern AustraliaCCP (ANZ) Current
KateRawlingsNew ZealandCCP (ANZ) Current
CynthiaRiddellVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
AdamRoshanNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
GibiRoslindVictoriaOTP Current
AndrewRowanNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
WendySaad SalibVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
ManelSan PabloNew ZealandCCP (ANZ) Current
AndrewSandersonSouth AustraliaCCP (ANZ) Current
Helen WendyScarrottQueenslandCCP (ANZ) Current
BradleySchultzVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
EmersonSgammottaNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
MatthewSheminantWestern AustraliaCCP (ANZ) Current
Gary SherriffNew South WalesOTP Current
NicoleShrimptonQueenslandCCP (ANZ) Current
AlistairSindenNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
AidanSingh HowardSouth AustraliaCCP (ANZ) Current
NigelSladeWestern AustraliaOTP Current
GarrySmithWestern AustraliaOTP Current
RonaSteelNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
MichaelSummersNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
Kamala PriyardashiniSunil (Garfield)VictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
JuthawanSuthumpornVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
RaySwartNew South WalesCCP (ANZ) Current
SaraTayehVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
ClarkeThuysVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
BruceTreagusVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
NicoleTysoeQueenslandCCP (ANZ) Current
JessicaUnderwoodVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
VijaykumarValiyapurayilACTOTP Current
Johan Fvan Den BergNew ZealandCCP (ANZ) Current
Luisevan WijkNew ZealandOTP Current
SaraVargheseACTCCP (ANZ) Current
VinithaVargheseVictoriaOTP Current
Angel JohnesVilayilVictoriaOTP Current
VijiVincentWestern AustraliaCCP (ANZ) Current
NicolaWaltonVictoriaOTP Current
AdamWellsVictoriaCCP (ANZ) Current
BritneyWestbrookNew ZealandCCP (ANZ) Current
TimothyWillcoxNew ZealandCCP (ANZ) Current
KathrynWrightACTCCP (ANZ) Current
BrianWrightWestern AustraliaOTP Current
ShujaZahidaniNew ZealandCCP (ANZ) Current
CarlaZazulakQueenslandCCP (ANZ) Current