Register a Complaint

Please note: Before making a complaint, please read the Consumer Questions information below carefully.  If you are unsure and want advice please contact us

Consumer Questions

It is best to take action as soon as you can after the incident or concern arises. When you mention the issue to the ANZCP, be as specific as possible. It helps to write down the date and time of the incident, where it happened, the names of the people involved, and what happened during the conversation. Set a positive tone for the conversation by being as calm and clear as possible, outline the outcome you want or what you want the ANZCP to do. At the end of the discussion, ask the ANZCP for a date when you can expect a response. Make sure we have your current telephone number, email address, or mailing address so we can get back to you.

  • You should feel like your complaint is being taken seriously
  • You should know who will contact you about your complaint and when they will contact you
  • You should have your complaint responded to within a reasonable timeframe – approximately 30 days
  • You should be kept up to date on progress regularly if your complaint takes more than 30 days to resolve.

You may complain if:

  • Services were delivered inadequately, negligently, or if significant errors were made during their delivery
  • The service provider treated you in a rude or disrespectful manner
  • Abusive treatment, whether physical, verbal, or sexual
  • The care provider failed to respect your rights.

Yes. We cannot process complaints about:

  • Most incidents that happened over two years ago
  • Court decisions or notifiers
  • A matter that is currently being decided by a court
  • A complaint that has already been decided under the law
  • A death, once the Coroner has started an inquest
  • Employment disputes

If we cannot help you with your complaint, we will try our best to refer you to alternative services which can help you.

Commonwealth Ombudsman

National Health Practitioner Ombudsman and Privacy Commissioner

New Zealand Health and Disability Commissioner

Ombudsman NSW

Victorian Health Ombudsman

Ombudsman Queensland

Ombudsman South Australia

Ombudsman ACT

Ombudsman Tasmania

Ombudsman Northern Territory

Ombudsman Western Australia