Professional Affiliations

National Alliance of Self Regulating Health Professionals (NASRHP)

The National Alliance of Self Regulating Health Professions (NASRHP) is committed to providing assurance to consumers, government and other entities regarding the safety and quality of self-regulating health services, through an evidence-based national framework of regulatory standards. Membership ensures that the commitment has been translated into practice.


Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA)

AHPA is the national peak body for major health professions and their representative bodies other than medical practitioners, nurses and unions. AHPA works to represent the interests of the allied health professions sector, particularly to the Federal Government; and to provide a vehicle for liaison and discussion between the professions themselves.

Australian and New Zealand Society of Cardiac and Thoracic Surgeons

Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand

The Society is the chief advocacy group for the profession and aims to facilitate training, professional development and improve medical practice to enhance the quality of care for patients with cardiovascular disease.