Safety PIRS-2

PIRS-2, is the on-line Perfusion Improvement Reporting System.

Formerly PIRS, the Perfusion Incident Reporting System was established by the Australia and New Zealand College of Perfusionists in 2004 to document incidents and accidents and share solutions and preventive actions.

The change from Incident to Improvement is in line with the shift to Safety-II concept thinking. The primary aim of PIRS-2 is to build resilience into perfusion practice by capturing what went well (the “Good Catch“) in near miss and no harm incidents, as well as learning from harmful incidents. We encourage reporting the frequent workarounds that averted more serious outcomes that are very often subject to the fix and forget phenomenon.

PIRS-2 is a voluntary system, Confidentiality is assured by de-identification and anonymity of reports within 72 hours of submission. The 72 hour window is to allow questions to be asked of the reporter where detail of the event is unclear to the PIRS-2 editor.

De-identified PIRS-2 reports details may only be published on the PIRS-2 pages of the ANZCP website or in the ANZCP Gazette if permission to publish is given in the report form.

PIRS-2 data will not be passed to any third party or regulatory body including the ANZCP or Registration authorities. Forwarding any information is the responsibility of the reporter.

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