Historical Board Office Bearers

Former Officers of the Australasian Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion

2018: Jessica Ozdirik, Casey Edwards, Clarke Thuys, Adam Roshan, Rob Baker

2017: Vincent Rajkumar, Jessica Ozdirik, Casey Edwards (replaced Sara Varghese/Mark Mennen), Clarke Thuys, one place vacant

2016: Mark Mennen, Sara Varghese, Jessica Ozdirik (Cantwell) (replaced Andrew Lahanas), Vincent Rajkumar

2015: Mark Mennen, Sara Varghese (replaced Chris Morley), Andrew Lahanas, Vincent Rajkumar

2014: Mark Mennen, Chris Morley, Andrew Lahanas, Vincent Rajkumar (replaced Clarke Thuys)

2013: Clarke Thuys, Mark Mennen, Chris Morley, Andrew Lahanas (replaced Arthur Preovolos), (Vincent Rajkumar unelected position)


Foundation Members of the Board

ANZCP: Mr Don Pastoriza-Pinol, Mr Sid Yarrow and Mr Paul Bernhardt

RACS: Professor Tim Cartmill and Dr Gil Shardey

ANZCA: Professor Barry Baker and Dr Richard Walsh