The College

The Australian and New Zealand College of Perfusionists (ANZCP) is the peak body representing Certified Clinical Perfusionists in Australia and New Zealand.

The ANZCP is a not-for-profit, member association committed to professionally supporting its members. It achieves this by advocating for better health outcomes for Australians and New Zealanders undergoing cardiac procedures or long-term intensive care support requiring Cardio-Pulmonary Bypass (and utilising a heart-lung machine).

The ANZCP provides assurance to employers, hospitals, patients and health profession colleagues that they are receiving perfusion / extra-corporeal support services from a trained, certified and accredited perfusionist.

Perfusionists operate the heart-lung bypass machine generally during heart surgery to maintain safe and stable patient circulation while the heart is stopped for surgical repair. The patient is said to be on cardiopulmonary bypass. Perfusionists may operate such equipment during any medical situation where it is necessary to support or temporarily substitute for the patient’s heart and lung function.


The College serves as a regulatory body to uphold and promote standards for the work of Perfusionists and to advocate on behalf of the Profession and ANZCP Members.

A key objective of the ANZCP is to facilitate the provision of high-quality education, training and on-going professional development of perfusionists.

The Organisation also works to provide information for its members, other health professionals, hospitals and health services, government and for the public and to achieve official regulatory recognition.


A key focus for the Australian and New Zealand College of Perfusionists is to help its members obtain official recognition (course accreditation and regulation) as qualified practising perfusionists.

As a result of the College’s growing advocacy initiatives, New Zealand and Australian Perfusionists have gained greater recognition for their contribution and professional endeavours. ANZCP aims to strengthen relationships with all levels of government and with hospital, employer, industry stakeholders and the public. ANZCP will continue to represent our membership on a wide range of issues including qualifications, professional standards and funding matters.


Perfusion is a self-regulated profession. Perfusionists who hold a post-graduate Perfusion qualification and meet the requirements as set out by the by the Australian and New Zealand Board of Perfusion are eligible to become Certified Clinical Perfusionists. They then use the post-nominal CCP (ANZ).

Among other Standards, there are College mandated Continuing Professional Development requirements in order to maintain ANZCP Certification. ANZCP membership of NASRHP will also require ongoing Continuing Professional Development of Members.