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“We are looking into alternatives for our clinical perfusion teams to use for cleaning machines as well as investigating if you can dilute a higher strength of hydrogen peroxide for use. We understand the product needs to be of pharmaceutical grade to maintain warranty of machines.  Would you be able to advise us of any alternatives or guidelines we can use to try and find an alternative?”

As per the IFU of 3T, medical grade 3% hydrogen peroxide should be used.

 The 3T Operating Instructions establish disinfection procedures that are designed in part to maintain water quality at a total heterotrophic plate count (HPC)<100 CFU/Ml within the 3T water circuit, so actually there is no alternative, level measurement should be respected, and the concentration of 3% also. If the hydrogen peroxide concentration within the water circuit drops below 100 ppm, microorganisms may start to grow in the period between disinfection cycles.