Executive Committee

The office bearers of the Executive Committee are elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting which is usually held in September or October. A Public Officer (who must be resident in Victoria) is also appointed as required by the Associations Incorporation Act 1981. The Secretary is the Society’s Executive Officer and sends and receives all Society correspondence and enquiries. States which do not have a representative on the committee may appoint a liaison officer to the committee who shall have voice but no vote. The Committee meets regularly by telephone linkup to transact its business. Any member may approach the Committee to raise an issue. The Annual General Meeting is usually held at the same place and time as the Annual Scientific Meeting.


Jon Van Den Berg**


Mark Ambrose**


Matthew Sheminant **


Kuljeet Farrar**

Executive Member

Charles McDonald**



Killian O’Shaughnessy

Web Master

Jack Bhana**

** replace the (at) in the email address with @ if emailing the Executive.

Past Executive