ASM 2020 Presentations

With 2020 being a year of adapting to unprecedented circumstances due to COVID-19, the 37th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian and New Zealand College of Perfusionists was held virtually.

Our very first online meeting brought together our members and guests over two days of both domestic and international speakers, as well as a chance for the final year course students to present their final assessment.

We are very grateful for all the presenters this year for their time and effort in contributing to such an important meeting, and for all those who participated.

If you would like to revisit some or all of the presentations below, please click on the relevant title, and enjoy.

ANZCP ASM 2020 Programme available here

Lactate as a Predicator of outcomes in CPB and ECMO
Cory Alwardt, PhD, CCP
Chief Perfusionist, Assistant Professor of Surgery
Mayo Clinic Hospital, Phoenix

Pediatric CI Flow Strategies and AKI
James A. Reagor, MPS, CCP, FPP
Assistant Professor,
Director – Cardiovascular Perfusion
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre

Simulation: Virtual or Reality?
Arthur Preovolos, Perfusionist, Technical Product Specialist, Medtronic
Jane Ottens, Chief Perfusionist Ashford Hospital
Darryl McMillan (Retired)

Applied Analytics to Reduce Variation & Improve Care in Cardiovascular Perfusion
Al Stammers, MSA, PBMS, CCP Emeritus
Vice President,
Clinical Quality and Outcomes Research

Cardiopulmonary Bypass Management & Acute Kidney Injury in 118 Jehovahs’s Witness patients: A natural experiment
Tim Willcox, FANZCP CCP 
 Robert A Baker, PhD, CCP
Richard Newland, CCP


Not a Case Report: An Admission Report
Clarke Thuys, CCP 

Application of a scavenging system for the membrane oxygenator and the venous reservoir: An experimental study
Angel Vilayil


A New Role for the Perfusionist in treating patients with Artifical Stone Associated Silicosis
Charles McDonald


Student Abstracts

Pulsatility: Know the Limitations (Part 1)
Jonathan Pauli


Pulsatility: Know the Limitations (Part 2)
Juthawan Suthumporn

If you do not measure it, you cannot improve it
Juthawan Suthumporn
Jonathan Pauli

Organ Protection for Open Thoracoabdominal Aortic Surgeries
Annie Ng Kai

The effect of conventional ultrafiltration on renal outcomes in patients receiving del nido cardioplegia solution during cardiac surgery: a retrospective study
Britney Westbrook

Buckberg Zero Sugar: An audit of the removal of dextrose from Buckberg Cardioplegia
Madeleine Dobier

Del Nido Cardioplegia versus ‘Standard’ Multi dose cardioplegia in adult cardiac surgery: An Overview
Hugh Colman