Disinfection Protocols

Cleaning the HLM after COVID positive procedure

From: Helen Scarrott <Helen.Scarrott@health.qld.gov.au>
Sent: Wednesday, 25 March 2020 3:29 PM
To: Admin ANZCP <admin@anzcp.org>
Subject: Re: Australian and New Zealand College of Perfusionists response to COVID-19

Dear Colleagues,

As our institution ramps up to treat COVID-19 patients, we have been approached about the disinfection of the Heart-Lung Machine after it has been used on an infected patient.  This is obviously a very unlikely and last ditch effort but regardless we need to submit our proposed disinfection protocol to ensure that the HLM is properly decontaminated.  The anaesthetic department intends to leave all equipment in the COVID-19 purposed theatre until the crisis is over.  This in not really an option for us so I wondered if other institutions had already drafted some protocols (particularly disinfection) on how to deal with this possible scenario.

Kind regards
Helen Scarrott
Townsville University Hospital




The general principle for cleaning HLM post a COVID positive case is with the appropriate surface cleaning product of all surfaces after the case.  This should be performed in full PPE.  We have sought some support from our corporate partners to see if they have any additional advice.  Individual institutions will develop formal protocols and if anyone is willing to share their protocol please post to admin@anzcp.org or directly to Helen.

The two links below provide some relevant information:

This SCTS / ACTACC / SCPS document is guidance to UK cardiac and thoracic teams for procedures on patients with COVID 19. https://scts.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/SCTS-ACTACC-SCPS-Theatre-COVID-pathway-Final.pdf

Adams JG, Walls RM. Supporting the Health Care Workforce During the COVID-19 Global Epidemic JAMA. Published online March 12, 2020. doi: 10.1001/jama.2020.3972.


Rob Baker