Getinge COVID-19 Information MCP Products

Getinge have provided this response to their US customers, it looks at a number of questions that have been asked,  including:

Has COVID-19 been identified in blood specimen of patients?

How likely is coronavirus transmission from Getinge oxygenators with Polymethylpentene (PMP) diffusion membrane fibres?

Can the coronavirus, if present in patient’s blood, migrate to the water side of the oxygenator?

Can viruses pass through the hydrophobic membrane of the de-airing port of the oxygenator?

Which disinfectants can be used against coronaviruses for surface disinfection of medical devices manufactured by Getinge, for example, such as the Cardiohelp-i?

Will Getinge perform specific tests with the COVID-19 virus in the context of using its oxygenators in coronavirus infected patients?

Are there already reported cases of COVID-19 transmission between patients via any Getinge oxygenator?

We thank Getinge for their support of our profession, please click here to follow this link.